Emmery & Isaac’s Engagment Session

May 18, 2021

Mountains + Engagements = Perfection

Y’all we went up to Rough Ridge in Blowing Rock, North Carolina this past weekend and spent some time with our good friends Emmery & Isaac photographing their engagement session. (Clears throat) THEY KILLED IT!!

After Kala and I found out that Isaac and Emmery can basically run up a mountain in a dress…well Emmery at least. I stood looking up to Grandfather mountain trying to breathe. I slapped a smile on my face as everyone finished changing shoes for the session and pretended that I wasn’t having trouble with my oxygen supply.

Sometimes the mountains can be rough, and the weather is always unpredictable. Plenty of times Kala and I have hiked up to the top of a trail just to find out that a fog has rolled in from nowhere and our view has been stolen from us. But today the mountains felt like giving. WOW! Look at the view and the couple and tell me how gorgeous you think that is.

The trail was pretty quiet, especially for such a beautiful Saturday sunset during spring time. So we took as much advantage as we could. Emmery and Isaac just fell into place for each shot. Isaac impressed up with his model moves when it came to playing with Emmery’s hair. Brushing her hair out of her face and tucking it behind her ear was so beautiful.

This was such a fun time, with such a fun couple. It’s not fair to everyone that we get to have this much fun working. The future Mr. and Mrs. Hollar were so welcoming and such great company. It is understandable why their friends and family adore these two.

These two compliment each other brilliantly. We were so excited to shoot their engagements exactly 364 days before their wedding day. Next April they will exchange vows and rings at The Barn at Oakridge, and if their wedding day is anything like their engagement session we cannot wait! We are so excited to share their engagement photos with y’all! Be sure to congratulate them!

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