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I would like to tell y’all that all the traveling Kala and I do as photographers we never get lost, but….. that would be lying. Everyone that drives knows the driver’s main job is to drive and keep everyone alive. The passenger’s main job is to keep good music on and be able to navigate, […]

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Alexis & Brandon Engagements

Yall, first can we just take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous Amanda looks in this shot!!! Look…to be honest…these photos have been hard to not share beforehand because EVERY SINGLE ONE is just amazing! Kala and I are thrilled to finally post these photos since as of Saturday they are no longer the “Amanda Bridals” but […]

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Amanda’s Bridals

We still can’t believe it has been five years since starting the business of our dreams! Having the opportunity to work together, while serving our clients, is the most incredible blessing. If someone would have told us five years ago, this is where we would be today, we probably wouldn’t have believed it! Creating and […]

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Our 5 Year Business Anniversary!